From Idea to Startup

Transforming an idea into a successful startup is challenging, especially for entrepreneurs that are just starting out.

As one of Israel’s leading early-stage startup development companies, Seedbiz was created by startup founders for startup founders with one goal in mind;
To help startup entrepreneurs launch their ventures and increase their chances of success.

From Idea to Startup program provides entrepreneurs with the necessary tools and preparations required to launching their ventures and leading them through the first years. Seedbiz enables entrepreneurs to materialize their ideas into successful startups.

In our program, venture capitalists and investors will be involved with your startup’s development to ensure you have strong foundations to take your company above and beyond.

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What does the From Idea to Startup Program Include?

Establish The Foundations of Your Idea

In this stage we define the baseline of your idea: what is the product, the target audience, the added value, business model, and the strategic model.

Market Research and Competitive Analysis

Our research team will conduct thorough report on your market and computers which includes: market locations and size, growth and trends, buyer personas, customer lifetime value, competitive analysis, entry barriers, and product pricing and practices.

Business Plan

Every successful startup has a solid business plan, that’s why our researchers will prepare a detailed business plan which includes: an executive summary, market research, competitive analysis, business and model, milestones, marketing strategy, team roster, and your financial plan.

Financial Plan

In this stage, one of our senior economists writes your financial plan and projections along with revenue, fixed and varied cost projections, and a profit/loss report.

Startup Valuation

After the business and the financial plans are complete, our economist puts together an evaluation of your startup based on the DCF method.


It’s time to choose your startup name, slogan and branding. Our marketing experts will consult you on best practices, create your logo and company design.

One Pager - Executive Summary

Seedbiz will create an executive summary that encapsulates your vision, business model, and plans ahead. We will also create and design your One Pager which will draw in potential investors/partners to discuss investments with you.

Investors Presentation

Now it is time to prepare your investor deck (10-15 slides) which you will use to communicate your company’s message in the best way possible.

Investors Simulation

Ready, set, pitch! We prepare you to present your startup and to be ready for any question that could be asked. Seedbiz makes sure you have all the tools you need to go out and close investments.

Product Specification and Development - MVP

In this stage, our product and development team will plan with you and develop your Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Seedbiz deploys relevant engineers/programmers and other experts required to carry out the project.

Financing Strategy

In this stage we will create a customized financing strategy that will take your company to the next level. Investment capital can be raised in several ways: bank financing, state-guaranteed funding, F&F, private investors, and more.

Going Above and Beyond

After the program is complete, we advise you to consider our other startup development programs.

Technological Development

Physical Product / Patent Filing

Why Seedbiz?

Eco System

Our members get access to a comprehensive eco system that serves all of their startup’s needs.
Seedbiz has six different departments with experts from every required field.

Professionalism and Security

Seedbiz teams are made of highly qualified and experienced professionals, who went through the same journey the entrepreneur is taking.

Business Network

Seedbiz has an extensive network of investors, and business persons who assist our members in opening doors and facilitating market entry for each and every venture.

A Wide View Of Your Venture

With Seedbiz, our members are mentored by a diverse team of experts that love to see ventures succeed and are constantly helping create successful startups.

Peace of Mind

One of the challenges entrepreneurs face today is finding experts and vendors. At Seedbiz, our members are at peace of mind knowing they have a single point of contact to address all of their needs.

If you want your startup to succeed,
you’re going to have to put in the work, take the risks, and believe in yourself.
You must appear professional to your potential partners and investors whom will entrust their capital in your startup.

With Seedbiz you will get there.