Seedbiz’ Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 – Noam Hachmon

Sergio Kun Agüero and Noam Hachmon

As is our customs at the end of each year, we bring the entire Seedbiz team together to select the candidate who will receive the Entrepreneur of the Year award. We measure entrepreneurs and their ventures based on parameters we find highly important which consider the milestones achieved compared to the year before, and how the entrepreneur set out to achieve them.

Seedbiz’ Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 award goes to Noam Hachmon, Founder and CEO of Skillset.

Skillset is an online streaming platform dedicated to giving young athletes and sports fans around the world access to affordable, high-quality lessons taught by top leading athletes in their respective fields.

Skillset was founded and is managed by brothers Noam and Shabbi Hachmon who were joined with an investment by Israeli football player Idan Vered. Starting as an athlete from early age, Idan Vered knows firsthand how it is to start your career in youth football clubs, an experience he puts into action at Skillset. Additional partners and team members include President of FC Barcelona, Mr Jean Laporta, who joined early in full faith and attended Skillset’s luxurious launch event in Israel.

One of the biggest contributions to Skillset is the recruitment of Mr Mitch Lowe, Co-Founding Executive at Netflix, who brings incredible knowledge and experience to set Skillset on a strategic path to growth on a global scale.

Noam Hachmon and Joan LaportaNoam Hachmon and Mr Jean Laporta at the Skillset launch event in Israel

When we evaluate our candidates for the Entrepreneur of the Year award, we typically look at a wide range of actions the candidate takes with respect to their own venture, and their contributions to humanity.

In 2021, Noam Hachmon created “Mondialito Pesach” a soccer tournament for kids, in which Israeli celebrities participated, and in joint-collaboration with the “Wings of Krembo” – A non-profit organization for youth and children movement with severe disabilities. During the same year Noam brought the Trophée des Champions to Israel.

Israeli celebrities in a night of giving back to the communityNoam Hachmon with Israeli celebrities in a night of giving back to the community

Noam Hachmon in the locker room in Broomfield Stadium minutes before Trophée des  Champions 2021 startsNoam Hachmon in the locker room in Broomfield Stadium minutes before Trophée des
Champions 2021 starts

Noam and his team have made great strides in 2021 by bringing onboard key partners, investors, and players. Noam signed exclusive agreements with key soccer players to debut the platform including Sergio Agüero, Luka Modric, Virgil van Dijk, Giorgio Chiellini, and more. The company recruited a CTO with rich software development background to lead the platform development. Lastly, new investors onboard include Luan Krupnik (?) , and Israel Premiere League Goalie Arik Yanko who put their faith in Skillset. Stay tuned as more partnerships are being developed and will be announced on Skillset and Seedbiz social channels soon.

Noam Hachmon signing Giorgio Chiellini onboard Skillset platformNoam Hachmon signing Giorgio Chiellini onboard Skillset platform

Seedbiz would like to wish Noam and the Skillset team all the success and blessings in their doings this year, wishing that this year will be much better than the last!

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