“No Company Can Thrive Without Adept Sales, Business Development, and Capital Raising!” Interview with Amir Dinor, Manager of Seedbiz’s Business Development and Capital Raising Department

Amir DInur

Is there an entrepreneur who doesn’t aspire to make a substantial impact? Highly unlikely. Throughout history, we’ve witnessed that the path to success is laden with challenges. Yet, occasionally, we encounter individuals who demonstrate that not only is this achievement feasible, but it can also be methodical. Amir Dinor stands as a prime example of such an individual. Having spearheaded numerous successful capital raises for startups, he transitioned his hard-earned expertise into a profession that has guided innumerable enterprises in discovering their optimal operational pathways.

Amir, Can you kindly introduce yourself to our readers?

Certainly. I hold an engineering background and have spent several years working as a business development manager across various startups, with a strong focus on the global market. Subsequently, I took the initiative to establish and lead SeismicAI, a venture where I remained dedicated for 5.5 years. During this time, we successfully secured substantial funding and engaged in operations spanning multiple countries, including Canada, the Philippines, Turkey, and India. Simultaneously, we managed crucial partnerships with esteemed clients in Israel, the World Bank, and more.

While undoubtedly a remarkable and enriching experience, I reached a point where I yearned for change. I departed from my role at SeismicAI on a positive note (I still hold shares in the company to this day), and I embarked on a new journey here with Seedbiz. Why? This world simply intrigued me. I’ve had the privilege of encountering a diverse array of entrepreneurs and assisting them with an array of challenges, ranging from sales and business development to securing investments. Here at Seedbiz, there’s not a dull moment, every day is filled with excitement and new possibilities.

It all sounds quite impressive, but undoubtedly there are challenges to navigate.

Absolutely, and that’s what makes it all the more exhilarating. A significant portion of the entrepreneurs we provide support to find themselves at the stage preceding the SEED round. This entails that we embark on the journey of carving out market opportunities for them, assisting in those pivotal initial steps like venturing into international markets, closing their first deals, and more. At times, we find ourselves venturing into remarkably unconventional territories. Yet, the feedback and outcomes we attain render the effort highly rewarding.

Take, for instance, the Healthcare sector. Some of these individuals were pleasantly surprised to discover that right from the outset, they were able to connect with established investors within the industry. This not only applies to Israel but extends to prestigious international funds such as venture capital firms in Japan and other unanticipated locations they might never have considered.

How does one accomplish such remarkable achievements?

It all begins with a comprehensive approach towards our clients. Rather than acting as founders, we function more like an investment bank. This approach involves a meticulous evaluation of the business plan. We delve deep into understanding various aspects, encompassing the readiness of the product or service, the company itself, and the entrepreneur. This assessment is grounded in the reality of the market, forecasting what lies ahead. We analyze capital raise requirements, prevailing opportunities, target audiences, and the rationale behind each decision. 

Upon this foundation, we chart the course forward—leveraging either our expansive network or forging new pathways. This stands in stark contrast to “alternatives” that merely introduce entrepreneurs to this intricate landscape and then leave them to navigate it unaided. An additional advantage we offer is our team of adept analysts, armed with extensive experience in market research. They adeptly align our clients and their capital raises and business development needs with the viable options available within the market.

Part and parcel of this approach is the clear acknowledgment that while we do not guarantee investments, we pledge to exert our utmost efforts to render the enterprise and the individuals steering it exceptionally appealing to investors as we map out the landscape for them. Our clients understand this, which is what makes us unique – our mission is to usher entrepreneurs and ventures with potential, and to succeed together. I am firmly convinced that everything we embark upon within this framework resonates with our commitment to fostering success for our clients, and I wholeheartedly believe in the efficacy of this approach.

What kinds of clientele typically approach your services?

Our client base boasts a significant degree of diversity as well. For instance, we have CEOs from thriving startups who recognize the value of outsourcing verticals which they acknowledge is not their core strength, i.e. business development. They task us with identifying suitable investors or clients, and guiding their actions accordingly. On the other end, there are those who seek assistance in the realm of business development after completing a capital raise. These startups typically lack the network, time, or resources to connect with relevant clients and markets. We step in to clear their path forward.

Startups are increasingly realizing that establishing an in-house business development system isn’t imperative. Instead, they can effectively leverage specialist services provided by companies like ours. Often, this approach yields notable financial gains. By partnering with us, they acquire seasoned and adept professionals who mitigate typical risks that startups have, affording them the freedom to concentrate on developing their products. It’s also crucial to highlight that our portfolio encompasses companies at various stages: from pre-seed to seed, round A, post-first capital raise, post-first sales, and beyond. Each entity arrives with distinct aspirations and objectives, and we excel in tailoring bespoke solutions to suit their individual needs.

What advice do you have for entrepreneurs who are just embarking on their journey?

It’s abundantly clear that the startup scene is teeming with proficient and innovative entrepreneurs, both in terms of skill and technology. However, sometimes even the most brilliant minds fall prey to what can be termed as the “Israeli overconfidence disease,” wherein there’s an assumption that a superior product inherently translates to instantaneous global success. Yet, there’s no magic remedy to this misconception. Success necessitates a deep understanding of how to effectively market the product, execute successful sales strategies, establish vital connections with the right people, and ascertain the product features that are relevant within the organization’s framework. It often demands unconventional thinking and, of course, an adept navigation of market entry strategies. 

This intricate process incorporates a comprehensive theory interwoven with a myriad of practices from diverse domains and deep expertise in business development and marketing. Hence, we place substantial emphasis on initiating essential steps at the outset: rigorously testing the product, validating its precision, and devising a strategic approach to capital raising. Only once we’ve confirmed that all the pieces are seamlessly aligned, do we proceed to engage with the right market players.

Moreover, we occasionally invest significant efforts into assembling an exceptional advisory board. Such a move can dramatically reshape the trajectory of a venture, steering it toward the right track. An adept advisory board can unlock numerous opportunities on the journey to success and, at times, even substantially alter the success rate in the eyes of potential investors. This undoubtedly brings joy to our clients and, naturally, to us as well.

Another pivotal point to note is that entrepreneurs often hold the misconception that their sole recourse lies in appealing to venture capital investors. However, this notion is far from accurate. There are a multitude of corporations capable of investing, there are also non-dilutive investments offered by international bodies actively seeking ventures to support without demanding equity. The landscape is populated with angels, syndicates, and various other investment avenues to explore.

If you found our conversation interesting and want to do something about it, what can you do next?

If you’ve found our discussion inspiring and wish to take action, I’m delighted to offer two distinct services that might be of interest: firstly, our expertise in business development services targeted at new markets, and secondly, our proficiency in capital raising strategies. 

As Head of the Seedbiz Business Development and Capital Raise Department, I use my extensive knowledge and experience in both domains to assist you. If you’re ready to take your project to the next level, I’m here to extend a helping hand and embark on this journey with you!

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