The Impact of War on Israel's Tech Industry and the Israeli Startups: Insights from 8 Industry Leaders
Nitsan Peleg

The Impact of War on Israel’s Tech Industry and the Israeli Startups: Insights from 8 Industry Leaders

The war named ‘Iron Swords’ was unexpected and caused a lot of uncertainty. Israel, no longer a young nation, is approaching its 76th anniversary, a period that has seen both wars and remarkable recoveries. History, however, has often shown that periods of growth, prosperity, and increased entrepreneurship often follow wars, and as this year comes to an end, we have gathered insights from eight influential figures in the industry. These esteemed members of our entrepreneurial community have shared their perspectives and experiences, and outlook into the future.

Amir DInur
Nitsan Peleg

“No Company Can Thrive Without Adept Sales, Business Development, and Capital Raising!” Interview with Amir Dinor, Manager of Seedbiz’s Business Development and Capital Raising Department

Is there an entrepreneur who doesn’t aspire to make a substantial impact? Highly unlikely. Throughout history, we’ve witnessed that the path to success is laden with challenges. Yet, occasionally, we encounter individuals who demonstrate that not only is this achievement feasible, but it can also be methodical. Amir Dinor stands as a prime example of such an individual. Having spearheaded numerous successful capital raises for startups, he transitioned his hard-earned expertise into a profession that has guided innumerable enterprises in discovering their optimal operational pathways.

Amos Talmor

The importance of market research – from the concept stage to the market penetration stage

Market research is an essential step in the process of launching a new product or service. This helps entrepreneurs and companies understand the needs and desires of their target market, as well as the economic conditions and decision-making processes that may affect the success of their venture. In this article, we will discuss the steps that can be taken to conduct market research on the needs of each market for a future product.

Amos Talmor Seedbiz President
Amos Talmor

How to make investors invest in a startup at a very early stage

Attracting investors can be a daunting task for early-stage startups, as they often have limited resources and a less developed business plan compared to more established companies. However, with the right approach and focus on key elements, early-stage startups can increase their chances of attracting investment. In this guide, we

Crisis? Opportinity! | 6 opinions article
Nitsan Peleg

In every crisis, there is great opportunity

Will the year 2022 be remembered as the year venture capital investments crashed? We will have to wait and see how the rest of the year turns out, and we will publish a year-end report on the subject. At Seedbiz we always say, To get more clarity on the subject

Nitsan Peleg

10 quotes every entrepreneur should know

The 10 quotes that go with me in my business life The first time I heard the term “personal development” was right after I was honorably discharged from my military service, and since I was attracted to business and entrepreneurship – I signed for the “Business Entrepreneurship” course to become