About us

Who We Are

Seedbiz was founded by startup founders and investors to tackle the main reasons startups fail at an early stage. By providing the necessary tools, services, and experts, Seedbiz is able to help entrepreneurs launch their ventures and increase their chances of success.

Our Mission

To make the world a better place by helping more entrepreneurs succeed in their ventures.

How Do We Do It?

Exchange of Information

Meet the community, attend lectures by industry experts, 1-on-1 expert consultations

Practical Approach

Do the research, plan and form your company, prepare for and meet with investors and partners

Leverage Our Network

Connect you with strategic partners and VC investors.

Civil Trust

Seedbiz places truth and fairness towards all our clients as our most important principles

which is why we are proudly committed to the Civic Trust’s Code of Conduct which grants us the Civic Trust Seal of Approval.

Founded in 2005, the Israeli Civic Trust NPO ensures businesses uphold the highest standards of truth and fairness in advertising, proper disclosure and transparency of information, service quality and responsibility, fair agreements, privacy and abiding by the law. Over 280 companies and enterprises are committed to the Code of Conduct.

The Core Team

Daniel Kugler

CEO and Director of Business Department

An entrepreneur and owner of several businesses, an expert on management, building a strategy and raising capital. Led many capital raising rounds, very experienced in operation management and organization management.

Nitsan Peleg


Serial entrepreneur. Nitsan has always had the PR spirit; maintaining a strong network of business connections with market leaders. Nitsan actively mentors entrepreneurs and business owners in developing their business and conducting smart deal negotiations.

Amos Talmor

Director of finance and investor connections department

With over 45 years of experience in international marketing and sales, developing new markets, and guiding startups to success, Amos is highly known in the Israeli high-tech sector as a thought leader and commercial innovator for startups. Amos specialises in helping early stage companies maximise their business and technological potential and competitive edge.

Or Manor

Consultant, Advisory Board

Founder of Innovation Social Club and the Shfela District’s thriving high tech community. Or is an ambassador of the International Women’s High Tech Network.

Alon Poraz

Government Grants Expert

Lawyer and accountant by profession, Alon specializes in sourcing state grants and benefits, and state guarantees for loans. Alon used to be an income tax supervisor, these days he provides taxation consultation vis-a-vis large high tech companies, entrepreneurs, and building contractors.

Meir Kugler

Senior Economist and Director of the Finance Department

A director at several communications companies – Tadiran, Pelephone, and Bezeq International. Meir has many years of experience in the fields of command and control, financial reporting, and investment feasibility assessments.

Aharon Granik

VP Business Development

As a seasoned business developer, Aharon mentors and develops businesses from idea stage, business model planning to preparing entrepreneurs to go out and close capital funding.

Aviran Cohen

Art Director

Has over a decade of rich working experience. Executed large projects for large institutions and organizations. Has unique talent and touch that upgrade the marketing processes for projects, leading to measurable results.

Yoav Kugler


Experienced and versatile web developer, Yoav thinks strategically when it comes to planning technical projects, and uses his expertise in automation for process/system management and efficiency. Yoav previously earned his bachelor degree in psychology studies.

Aharon Layosh

Senior Business Analyst

Qualified enterprise consultant, excelled in the Hebrew University MBA program. Data and business research wizard, vast experience in qualitative and quantitative research.


Liron Ben Yehuda

Advisory Board

Former Isragas COO who oversaw the Sonol deal. Owner of ITS which established a platform for unique startup investment and together with Seedbiz will launch at the beginning of 2021.

Itai Bigiaoui

SEO Expert

Website SEO promotion expert, Itai manages Seedbiz’s SEO team where he helps ventures grow their online presence Israel and abroad. Itai boasts over a decade of experience in the field, deriving practices from large enterprises where he worked previously.

Noa Moyal

Administrative Director

Moshe Ben Meir

External Tax Consultant

Owner of “Moshe Ben Meir tax consultant”

Ronit Ben Meir

Expert in accounting services for startups

Adv. Elad Rashtick

External Legal Advisor

Firm “Eitan Mehulal Sadot”

Adv. Raz Landau

External Legal Advisor

Firm “Eitan Mehulal Sadot”

How does your success impact everyone’s quality of life?

Our Agenda


Every experienced entrepreneur and investor knows what ingredients make make a successful startup

The main ingredient isn’t the idea itself as much as it is the entrepreneur behind the idea. Entrepreneurs are the energy that fuels as a startup, not to mention navigates it through the ups and downs of the venture. This requires skill, expertise, and a good team to work with.

The problem with today’s society that most people know the brand Pango Nike, Waze, and others. But nobody knows Uri Levene (Founder of Waze), or Shlomo Zeitman (Pango Inventor), or Phil Knight (Founder of Nike).


“Burn Your Ships”

In the year 1519, Hernán Cortés arrived in the New World on his ships with six hundred men to venture into the unexplored continent. Upon arrival, Cortés made history by destroying his ships in front of his people. The reason? To send a clear message to his men: There is no turning back.

Two years later, Cortés and his team succeeded in their conquest of the Aztec empire.

Although we are long past the days of conquering unknown continents, this story sends us, modern day entrepreneurs, a strong message; that you must commit yourself fully to your ventures in order to succeed. Holding on to your job, or at very least having planning an escape route back to a new job in your mind holds you back from your success.

We strongly believe that entrepreneurs cannot succeed by holding on to their ships.

Starting a venture takes full hearted commitment and dedication to your journey. Failures and pains don’t prevent success, they make success.

The large majority of the greatest entrepreneurs that ever lived failed at the first venture, but succeeded incredibly in their second or third venture. They can only attribute their success to the experience they gained and lessons they learned from their first tries.

Examples of entrepreneurs that burnt their ships and succeeded are Walt Disney, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Henry Ford, and most of the greatest entrepreneurs in the world.


First Plan, Then Execute

There are some investors that dive head first into building their product, long before properly researching the market, building a business model, planning ahead financially and strategically.

What inevitably happens is the entrepreneurs have a finished product with no buyers, or a product that does not meet the basic needs of the market, and they end up having wasted time and money. In business, pragmatism wins. Plan first, execute second.

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